Who Uses HOA Web?

New Homeowners Associations
If your development is new - chances are the builder/developer is turning over the HOA to the homeowners. If this is the case, a new board will be formed of volunteers to run the association. HOAWEB is here to help your new board get up and running with the right tools to avoid "board burnout".

Homeowners Associations with Poor Management
More often then not - Homeowners Associations have difficulty finding good property management companies. The company may not fulfill what they agreed to in the original contract, or they are too busy to give your association the attention it needs. Our association managment system can do much of the same things that your management company does - without the high cost!

Volunteer Boards - Self-Managed Associations
Many Associations with few lots/units don't have the budget to hire a mangement company to issue statements, collect on past dues, send out newsletters, manage finances and vendors. HOAWEB can take care of many of these important tasks from a simple internet login screen that is secure and protected.